The Kissing Hand week 2


This week some of you will be sending in your Surprise Bag for the first time.  We are focusing on the h-h-h-h-h-h, heater sound.  Three and four year old are not developmentally ready to figure out if a word begins with a particular sound, that’s why this is a ‘group’ activity with  YOU involved!  One way to work on this is to find 2-3 items with one that begins with our sound (hat, ball, cup).  Ask your preschool if c-c-c-cup begins with hhhhhhhh, if it did it would sound like hup.  Is it a hup?  etc. Then, talk about the hat and think of three clues.  You will have to help with this. “Is it hard or soft?  Write down, 1.  It is soft. Do you wear it or eat it? Write down, 2.  You wear it  Do you wear it on your arm or your head?  Write down 3.  You wear it on your head”.  Put that paper with the clues in the bag with the item you chose and send it in the bright orange Surprise Bag.   Please only send in ONE item (and don’t everyone send in a hat 🙂 .  We only have time for each child to play one time.  Again, what we are doing is setting that foundation for reading.  By the time your child is five, if they have done these activities for 2-3 years, they will have those pre-readiness skills to become a solid reader.

I am excited that we are reading, The Kissing Hand this week.  One activity we may do is roll a die, and put the number of kisses we roll, onto a cardboard hand.  This develops turn taking skills, counting skills, and following verbal directions.  We will also sequence the story working on first, next and last.  We may sing,  Click Here.  We will also tally which story we liked better, The Kissing Hand, or Spot Goes to School.

Don’t forget to click on the Language Extensions At Home Week of August 15-19 in the right column of this blog.  Please practice reciting the poem.

Have a great week!


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