Movin’ on to Owen and the m-m-m-m-m sound-Week 4

My Five Senses was a good non-fiction book that taught the children about how our senses help us learn.  Most of the books we read are fiction, so a ‘real life’ book is good to read every now and then.  I hope you read the popcorn book with your child that they brought home in their backpack.  Click Here for GREAT  language enriching experiments using the senses to try at home.

We have been enjoying our ‘Surprise Bag’ day.  This week is the m-m-m sound.  We  have nearly 100% participation! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being dedicated to the home/school connection.  I love how some of you bring so many items.  Unfortunately we only have time to describe one of the items, so if you send in many, we will just choose one.  Don’t forget those 3 clues ;-).  When you read the Language Learning At Home activities, the poem will always be at the end. Read and recite it with your child.  I choose a student to be the ‘teacher’ and point to each word in our poem.  It helps develop left to right tracking (direction we read) and top to bottom (we read the top of the page and move to the bottom).  Whomever comments on this blog this week that they practiced the poem, their child will get to be the ‘teacher’!

Our story this week is a wonderful story for preschoolers.  It is about Owen and his attachment to a blanket. What a perfect time to talk about growing up and things that change (no more diapers, pacifiers, bottles, etc.). Actually, my 24 year old son still has his “blankie” tucked away in a box. It helped him through many stressors of childhood :-).

Thank you for a great start to the school year.  Early intervention has so much going for it and your child will see the benefits for years to come!

Have a great week.

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