Week 23 Amazing Animals-Feb.13-16, 2017


We are reading Never Ever Shout in a Zoo.  Try to get to the library and check this one out.  This youtube video is one of the few that is posted. It’s not great but if you don’t have a copy of the book or can’t get to the library, Click here

The very first pages of this book are important.  There are no words, just a picture of a girl with her ice cream.  We talk about her eyes and how they are not looking at where she is going.  There is something in front of her, what might happen?  This book is great for making predictions.  You  can also talk about why the people end up in a cage (are the people upset with the girl? why or why not?).  We will follow 2-3 step auditory directions to find zoo animals in the room.

A fun snack idea is to frost a graham cracker, lay an animal cracker or two on the frosting and then use pretzel sticks or licorice strings as the bars of the cage.  You’ll need to dab frosting on the animal cracker so the bars will stick!zoo cracker

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