Week 28 march 27-30 Bark George

This week we are reading Bark George.  CLICK HERE

There is so much to talk about in this book.  Is it fiction or non-fiction? What is a vet? Clap out the syllables to veterinarian (5 claps).  Who were the characters in the story?  Where was the setting?  Who did the vet take out first, second, next, after that, and last?  Why did George say “hello?”. Look at George’s mom at the beginning, middle and end.  She goes from happy to frustrated to exasperated before she goes to the vet (good vocabulary).  Why is George’s mom frustrated.  What does she do to solve the problem?  Does George learn from his mistakes?

We will check in with the sentence:  I like dogs better than cats or I like cats better than dogs.  I will hide dog bones around the room for students to find after listening to a one, two or three step direction.  For a snack we will eat (pretend) dog food out of a bowl.  We will recite our “Hello Neighbor” and our sound poems.  I have not had a lot of participation with the poems this year.  I hope you are able to access them on the Language Extensions At Home (L.E.A H.) page and read them with your child.  By practicing, you are helping your child: learn what a word is, read from left to right and top to bottom, and  hear rhyme.  These skills are all precursors to reading.

Don’t forget to look at our sound this week in the L.E.A H. page to the right!

And BOOM, March is gone, hello April.

Mrs. Hughes

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