Week 31, The L.R.H. April17-20

Our story this week is, The Little Red Hen, a classic!  There are many renditions of this story and hopefully you can check one out in the library if you don’t have a copy at home.  Our story has a dog, a cat, and a duck as the characters.  This is a book with  repeating phrases (“Not I” said the _______, and “I’ll do it myself”).  The preschoolers will help with those lines when I read.  We will talk about the importance of ‘team work’ and how much easier and more fun things are when we cooperate and work together.  We get to look at wheat and grind some grains into flour.  It would be great if you baked a loaf of bread together.  I know it’s time consuming, but what a great accomplishment when you’re done. Check this recipe out  Click Here

Language Extensions At Home has our new sound for the Surprise Bags.

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