Week 34

This is my last post.  Thank you to those of you who used this blog to help your child develop stronger language skills.  “It takes a village” as they say.

Our story is this week is Swimmy  Click Here  This is a great story to discuss cooperation.  That is our BIG vocabulary word (5 syllables)  this week.

Instead of being afraid and hiding, Swimmy ventured out to find new friends.  They worked together (cooperated) to stay safe in the big, wide-open ocean.  Our song this week is, Baby Shark Click Here.  Be careful, this is one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head after hearing it  ;-).

Our sound is the heater sound /h/.  This has been covered twice before (September and March) so I am not adding a Language Extensions At Home page.  Bring an item that begins with /h/ and practice the poem.

Thanks for the fun year.  I had a blast!

  Mrs. Hughes

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