August 29-September 1, 2016

M-m image

I call this the ‘m-m, m-m, good’ sound.    We rub our tummies making the m-m-m-m sound as if something tastes good. The top and bottom lips touch, and sound is released from the nose. I have the students plug their nose when they make the sound to experience how the sound comes “through their nose”.   Please remember to bring the Surprise Bag. Suggestions: macaroni, money, M&M’s, mail, magnet, mouse, mitten, marshmallow, monkey, and marble. There are many more ideas, be creative!


more/less : Talk about more and less while in the tub with 2 cups. Ask, “Which one has more or less?”

many/few: Make two piles of anything with a few and many.  Play the few/many game.  Would you rather have a few or many M&M’s?  A few or many bug bites?  A few or many books?

messy/neat: Clean a messy drawer or bedroom!  Draw a face on a piece of paper or a paper plate. Add a dollop of pudding and let your child make a messy face. The paper can get soggy quickly so the paper plate will last longer.

me/you: Play “Is it me or is it you?” Give a clue: “long hair” “likes spinach” “loves Thomas the train” and the other person guesses “me” or “you”.


Owen   Click Here     This is the story for this week in preschool.

On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles-Leo Lionni

Mop Top-Don Freeman

Mouse Mess-Linnea Asplind Riley

If you Give A Moose A Muffin– Laura Numeroff

Goodnight Moon-Margaret Wise Brown   Click Here


Moster Boogie- Laurie Berkner

The More We Get Together-Click Here

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Old McDonald

5 Little Monkeys-Click Here

Home Connection

  • Make muffins, meatballs, or mud pies.
  • Find a magnet and pick up metal. Include non metal things and ask, “will the magnet pick the __________ up?”
  • Use the concept vocabulary listed above i.e., “Wow, this room is messy, let’s make it neat”. “This ball is medium sized and that one is large”
  • Play Memory/match card game
  • Match socks from the dryer (wow, get any help you can!)
  • Make maracas-Fill a small empty water bottle 1/2 full with dry beans or rice. Paint or add stickers to decorate. Shake to music!

Read, read, read with your child

M poem

Mrs. Hughes