April 17-20, Week 31 /y/

Yo-Yo sound

Some of these sounds are tough on me! It’s far more difficult to find music, books, and ideas for y than /s/, /t/ or /p/.

Ideas for Surprise Bag: yarn, yellow, yam, yacht, yolk, yo-yo, yield sign, yogurt, yoga pose, write the word ‘yes’, or pictures of any of the above.

Concepts and Vocabulary:

Yes/no:  Play a yes/no game.  Can you bake a shoe?  Can you bake a cookie? Can you swim in rocks?  Now see if your preschooler can ask the questions.

Young/old:  We can always preface this by saying “most people don’t like to be called old” if you feel it’s necessary.   Take out a photo album with grandparents included and talk about the things that you see that are different from a child and a grandparent.

Yesterday/today/tomorrow:  These are difficult words for preschooler.  They have not grasped the concepts of time at age three, four and five.  Here is an article of ideas to teach   Click Here

Books :

  • Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni  Click Here
  • See the Yak Yak by Charles Ghingna   Click Here
  • The Yak Who Yelled Yuck by Carol Pugliano-Martin
  • This Next New Year by Janet S. Wong
  • The Big Yawn by Keith Faulkner


Yankee Doodle- Click Here 

Way Down Yonder-Tony Chestnut    Click Here

Y is a consonant  Click Here  (Be careful, this one might drive you crazy 🙂

Home Connection:

  • Facts about a Yak: The yak is in the same animal family as cows. The yak is found in the Himalayan region of south central Asia and Mongolia.  The domesticated (kinda like pet) yak provides milk, fiber and meat.  The yak can be brown, black and white.  It has long hair to protect it from the cold. The yak’s hair is spun into yarn for knitting.  The yak is also a working animal. It carries supplies across the mountains (like a truck).  The wild yak is endangered.
  • Microwave or bake a yam to eat for a snack.
  • Talk about what your preschooler could do at 1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc. What do they think they will do when they are 5, 10, and 20?       Write it down and send to Mrs. Hughes.
  • Make a yogurt snack. Mix fruit and cereal in a vanilla yogurt. Name it.
  • Crack an egg and look at the yolk. Cook an egg and look at the yolk. How are they the same/different?
  • Look at a picture of a yacht and a sailboat. How are they the same/different?
  • Go pick up rocks, sticks, and leaves in the yard

No Y Poem this week