October 3-6, 2016-The Drum Sound

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I call “duh” the drum sound. Your tongue tip hits the palate with your voice on, like tapping on a drum.

Please bring the Surprise Bags with an item that begins with “d”. Suggestions: doll, dish, dinosaur, deer, dolphin, dollar, dots, diaper, dog.

Please use the following concept words in your vocabulary this week.


Dull/sharp: As you’re preparing a meal talk about a sharp knife that can cut through meat. Show them that a dull butter knife takes more work to cut the meat.

Different/same: Talk about how 2 or more things are the same like a red ball and a red block(same color, different shape).

Diagonal: If you have those BINGO dobbers you can make diagonal dots in a line going up and Down.  Have two adults hold the feet and top of the torso of your preschooler.  Hold them in a diagonal line.  Now switch it to the other direction.  They LOVE this activity.

Dark/light: 1)Turn on lights, turn off lights. 2) Read a book with a flashlight in the dark. 3) Put an inch of water in a clear glass. Add food color and talk about the dark color. Pour water in the cup slowly to see the dark color get lighter!

Deep/shallow: While taking a bath only add 2 inches of water. Get in and talk about shallow. Turn on the faucets and add water until the tub is full talking about “deep” deeper, and deepest.

Another cool thing you can do for the students who need multiple repetitions and visual support, is take photos of your activities/concepts, print them out, staple the pages together to make a book. Go over the concepts and add lib as you “read” about ‘Aiden’ in a deep water, etc. 


6 Little Ducks-Raffi and/or CJ

I Really Love to Dance-Laurie BerknerClick here

We Are The Dinosaurs-Laurie Berkner Click here


The story for the week is, The Three Little Pigs.  Again, I am using a cute song/story where the kids get up and move and sing to the chorus.  Click Here

Ugly Duckling-Hans Christian Anderson

No David- http://www.justbooksreadaloud.com/ReadToMe.php?vid=NoDavid

Do Like A Duck Does

Dora books

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen

Activities for home:

Dig in the dirt.  Plant seeds

Decorate donuts- Either real or cut out of paper

Make a delicious dinner for dad


Make diamond shapes of different colors and sizes.

Read, read, read with your child!


Mrs. Hughes

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