August 8-12, 2016 s-s-s-s-s, the snake sound!

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Our curriculum begins with the s-s-s-s-s sound.  I call this the ‘snake’ sound. This is considered a later developing sound (age 9), so don’t worry if your child does not produce this sound.  Please bring your Surprise Bag with an item that begins with “s-s-s-s-”. Suggestions: soup can, sock, scarf, soap, snake, star, soda, syrup, etc, etc, etc. Don’t forget that it is the sound “s-s-s-s”, so don’t send in a shoe, or shells even though they begin with the letter “s”.

Bringing learning home:

  • Make silly sandwiches. Use a slice of bread or a cracker. Spread it with peanut butter or cream cheese. Cut out cheese shapes for eyes, nose and mouth.  Talk about the sequence, first get the bread, second, spread the peanut butter, etc. Take a picture and send it to preschool!
  • Make strawberry sundaes- Again, talking while you are cooking develops an amazing vocabulary.  “Should we put chicken in a strawberry sundae?”  “What do you think would happen if we left the sundae on the counter while we took a bath?”  “How many scoops, one or two?”
  • Go skating– If you can’t make it to real ice, place paper plates under your feet and skate on the floor. Click Here
  • Make spaghetti dinner together-Talk as you cook, “should we leave the spaghetti long or break it in half?”, “What do you want to add to the sauce?”
  • Play Simon Says


Slow/fast: Move slow and fast to music. (Use those paper plate skates)

Soft/hard: Find soft and hard items around the house with your prescooler. Put them in a bag or box. Feel them without looking at them. Guess what they are.

Smooth/rough: Cut shapes out of sandpaper. Put a piece of computer paper over the top of the shapes. Take the wrapper off of a crayon. Lay crayon on its side and rub over the top of the paper until the shapes appear. Talk about rough and smooth.

Sweet/sour: Taste lemons, limes, pickles, chocolate, sugar and any other food that has sweet and sour flavors. Ask which one tastes best. Put the items in order from most liked to least liked.

Same/different: Match socks from the dryer. Are these 2 the same or different?

Books to check out

Spot Goes to School  CLICK HERE  This is the book from the TELL curriculum this week

Silly Sally-Audrey Wood Click Here

Splish, Splash, Spring -Jan Carr

Wake Up Sun Click Here

Snip Snap, What’s That? Click Here


Sing and move to the music. I included a few links for you to enjoy on your computer/phone

  1. Song in My Tummy-click here
  2. Smile- Laurie Berkner-Under A Shady Tree
  3. Swimming Song-Click Here
  4. On Top Of Spaghetti
  5. Mr.Sun-Click Here
  6. Eency Weensy Spider
  7. I Feel Crazy So I Jump in the Soup- Click Here
  8. Six little Ducks       Click Here
  9. You Gotta Sing-Raffi-More Singable Songs

Mrs. Hughes

Practice the poem

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