February 13-16 /t/ tick Tock


This is the tick-tock sound. The tongue quickly taps the top of the palate/mouth with the “voice off”. When you make the exact same movement, but turn your “voice on”, it will become the “D” sound!

Here are some ideas for the Surprise Bag: toothpaste, toothbrush, tape, 2, tiger, train, tree, telephone. There are many more ideas, be creative!


Top/bottom: Hide a truck on top or on the bottom of something (on top of a pillow, in a bottom drawer) and have your child go find it after you give clues

Tall/short: Talk about tall/short trees, buildings, and people.

Tame/wild: Read a book about wild animals and a book about pets. Talk about why you couldn’t have an elephant as a pet.

When you are doing things around the house, be sure to use these words: “Put your sock in the top drawer, get the book off of the bottom shelf, look at the tall tree, can you see the short tree?”. Literature states the more language rich a child’s early years are, the more successful the child will be in school.


The Enormous TurnipClick Here This is a lot like the Enormous Potato we read in November.  The sequence and repetition are great for building pre-literacy skills.

Mop Top-Don Freeman

10 Apples up on Top– Dr. Suess

A Tree is Nice-Janice Udry  Click Here

Freight Train-Donald Crews

Hey, get off our train!-John Burningham

A Tree Can Be…   Judy Nayer


Telephone-Laurie Berkner Click Here

Song in my Tummy-Laurie Berkner   Click Here

Twinkle, Twinkle-Raffi

Truck-Laurie Berkner

On Top of Spaghetti-CJ

Home Connection:

  • Have a “T” (tea) party with a drink that starts with “T”, tomato juice, or pretend tea.
  • Talk, talk, talk (oh…and listen listen, listen).
  • Decorate a pine cone from a pine tree with peanut butter and bird seed. Hang in a tree for the birds.   Click Here
  • Cut branches from a pine tree. Use as a paint brush to paint a picture.
  • Count to Ten.  Try to twenty.
  • Make a tent by throwing a blanket over a table. Read a book in your tent by flashlight

Mrs. Hughes