February 21-23 Cuckoo clock

cuckoo clock

This is the “cuckoo-clock” sound. We make it in the back of the throat. If your child is not making this sound correctly, use a visual cue of touching the throat and keep that tongue down . Don’t forget it’s the sound and not the letter we are practicing so for your Surprise Bag you could bring: candy, kite, kitten, car, can, cap, coat, corn and coin.

Please recite the poem with your child saying “kuh” is for…, not “kay” is for… Thanks!


Corner: Draw squares, triangles and rectangles. Have your child put a coin on the corners. Count the coins, which one has the most corners? To increase the skill of following 1-2 step directions, make some shapes small and others big. Then give the direction, “Put the coin on a corner of the big square”, “Put the coin on a small triangle” etc. Now have your child give you the direction!  Teachers give directions a lot during the school day so you are helping prepare them for success!

Cold/hot: make cold and hot chocolate together- Have a taste test, which do you like better?

Books you might check out at the library:

The Kissing Hand-Audrey Penn

Five Little Kittens-Sharon Peters

Ker-Splash George O’Connor

Caps for Sale-Esphyr Slobodkina

Little Cloud- Eric Carl   CLICK HERE


Blow A Kiss-Laurie Berkner

I Feel Crazy So I Jump In The Soup-Laurie Berkner    Click Here

In The Clouds-Laurie Berkner

Activities for Home:

  • Make a large face on a piece of paper. Put red lipstick on and kiss the face. Count the kisses.
  • Make a King crown out of paper. Talk about the points on the crown.   If you were a king for the day, what would you “order” mom and dad to do?
  • Play kick the ball and see whose ball travels the farthest.
  • Look through kaleidoscopes. Here is a link to an online kaleidoscope.  It is 2 hours in length so just watch a few minutes.  It’s pretty cool CLICK HERE  Talk about the colors, shapes and changes.
  • Make a kite. Talk about the diamond shape. Better yet, if it’s windy, go fly a real kite outdoors!
  • Make Kool-Aid. As you make the Kool-Aid, talk about what you are doing. The Kool- Aide is dry, now we add water. Is water dry? Taste the mixture. Is it ready to drink? What do you think it needs to make it taste sweet? Add the sugar and let your child stir. How can we make the Kool-Aid colder?
  • Read, Little Cloud (link is above), then go to a table, spray a blob of white shaving cream on the table, and make the “clouds” you read in the book! When you’re finished just wipe up; the table is clean and it smells great!

Mrs. Hughes