January 30-February 2, /r/ Week 21


We are back to the the growling dog sound, r-r-r-r-r-r.  Don’t forget, this is a later developing sound. Some kids may not say this sound correctly until they are eight or nine years old, and that’s OK!

Please bring the Surprise Bag to with an item that begins with the “r’ sound. Suggestions: radio, rose, robot, remote, ring, race car, rabbit.

Books to check out:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat  Click Here

Rainbow Fish- Marcus Pfister

Rosie’s Walk-Pat Hutchins  CLICK HERE

Really Rosie-Maurice Sendak


Row, Row, Row your boat-CLICK HERE

I’m Gonna Catch You (you better run)- Laurie Berkner-Under A Shady Tree

Riding In An Airplane- Raffi

Concepts: Talk about these words as much as you can at home. Here are some ideas:

Rough/smooth. Gather some sand. Draw 2 round circles on thick paper or cardboard. Glue the sand in 1 circle. Let it dry. Feel rough and smooth.

Right/wrong: Talk about your own moral values. What do you think are “right” or “wrong” choices and why.

Right/left: Make right and left handprints or footprints. Draw around your hand or foot, red marker for the right and another color for the left.  If you really want to get crazy, use your bare feet. Sit on the ground and paint the right foot red. Step on a paper. Wash the foot. Repeat with other foot in a different color.  As always, model good language. Talk about what you are doing. I’m painting your foot. Does the paint feel hot or cold? How else does it feel? (wet, ticklish, slimy).

Activities for Home:

  • Make rectangle shapes from paper. If your child can’t cut them, prepare some ahead. Have her/him glue into buildings or shapes or make a collage!
  • Make rainbows with watercolors
  • Have your child pretend to be these R animals:
    • Robin, reindeer, rattle snake, rabbit
  • Make a wreath (don’t forget I focus on the beginning sound, not letter)
  • Read with your child
  • Here is a fun science activity with /r/ sounds, Which objects will roll  down the ramp? Click Here
  • Read the poem
    • Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 5.11.16 PM
    • Mrs. Hughes