January 9-12, 2017 m-m-m


We are back to the m-m-m sound again.  Did you know repetition is a beautiful thing for the brain?  If you think of it this way:  Imagine you have to get to a neighbor’s house, only you have to walk through grass that has grown 12 feet high.  Your first trip is slow, and difficult as you wade through the tall grass.  On your way back home, some of the grass is bent, so the trip is a bit easier.  When you go to your neighbor’s home the next time, the grass has been  stepped on enough that there is a slight path, and so on and so on, until that path is clear and easy.  That is what happens in the brain.  It takes repetition to trigger a pattern of electrical signals through our neurons. Over time/repetition, that triggers increased myelination (a part of the brain that increases the speed and strength of brain signals). So……when your child asks to read Good Night Moon for the 100th time, it’s actually like exercise to strengthen the brain! And when we revisit books, songs, activities and sounds in school, we too are strengthening the brain.

Surprise Bag Ideas:  M&M’s, mitten, map, marshmallow, moon, marble, muffin, mask, mouse, or moose.


Man on the Moon: This book you will need to check out at the library.

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M poem