March 27-30, l-l-l-l-l


We are back to the “singing lady” sound. We lift out tongue to the top teeth to make a good “l” sound. This is sound that can be developed all the way through age 6-7, so don’t worry if your child can’t make the sound yet.  Bring an item in your Surprise Bag that begins with /l/,


Left/right– Have your child hide a small item in his/her fist (goldfish cracker, key etc). You have to guess if it’s hidden in the right or left hand. He/she has to open the hand that you guess. If this is too difficult, put a marking or a sticker on the left hand so they will “see” the left. Exchange roles, now you hide an item in your fist and your child guesses right or left.

Long/short- Talk about long/short socks as you fold laundry. Cut long and short strings. Glue them on paper to make a cool art sculpture.

Low/high- sounds can be high and low and positions can be high and low.  Here is a link for a fun activity

Loud/quiet- Get a pot, a wooden spoon and a dice. Roll the dice and allow your child to drum the sound loud or quiet to match the number on the dice.

Light/dark- Make chocolate milk. Add a few drops of syrup and talk about how light the color is. Keep adding syrup and stirring. Watch the milk get darker!

Light/heavy- While carrying groceries, talk about light and heavy items (watermelon versus bread or a case of water versus a can of tomatoes). Have your child carry a heavy and a light bag of groceries.

Don’t forget to use these words as often as you can. I am just giving ideas. Use your own ideas to develop these words in your child’s vocabulary!

Books :

Feathers For Lunch

L is for Lobster

One Lighthouse, One Moon.

The Vey Grouch Ladybug Click Here

Llama Llama books


London Bridge

I Really Love to Dance  Click Here

Looby Loo

  • Make lasagna. Talk about layers: Sauce goes on the bottom, noodles go next…cheese goes on the top. Have your child repeat the sequence.
  • Make shades of color. Put water in three glasses, one with ¼ cup, one with 2/3 cup and one with 1.5 cups. Put 2-3 drops of food coloring in each. Talk about light /dark.
  • Make lemonade.  Lemons are everywhere right now.  Cut, squeeze, taste.  Is it tart?  How can we sweeten it?  Too strong?  What should we add to dilute the juice?
  • Put lipstick on lips, kiss a paper and leave a “love note” for a family member.
  • Go find light and heavy things around the house. Categorize them.