March 6-10, heater sound

                   We had this sound way back in August.  This will be a good reinforcer for the sound!                                                     Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.36.51 PM

I call this the ‘heater’ sound. Put your hand in front of your mouth and exhale air to feel the heat. Children should be able to produce this sound by age 3.

Don’t forget to look together for an item for the Surprise Bag.   Suggestions: hammer, hand, heart, hair clip, helicopter, hippo, hand sanitizer, and honey. 


  • Hard/soft: Gather 3 of each hard and soft items from around the house. Talk about their characteristics (e.g., white, round, soft) Set 2 out items in front of your preschooler. Describe one and let them guess which one. Now let them do the describing and you guess
  • Happy/sad:  Trace your hands. Draw a happy face on one and a sad face on the other. Tell a short story as to why the hand is happy (Happy hand was at the store where he got to push a grocery cart. That made him happy) Now have your child tell why sad hand is sad, or visa versa.
  • Hot/cold: Name items and have child tell you if they are hot or cold (spaghetti, ice cream, popsicle, hot chocolate, fire, and of course, visa versa J )
  • High/low: Fill 6 glasses with decreasing amounts of water so that when you tap the rim with a spoon, you hear high and low sounds.
  • Whole/half: Cut fruit in half, talk about what’s inside.
  • Heavy/light: Play “Which is heavier?” Find items like feather, Kleenex, cotton ball, rock, book, shoe , and ask, “Which one is heavier, or which one is the lightest?”



Read, read, and read with your child!

Mrs. Hughes

H-h-h Poem