May 1-4, Week 33 /n/ sound

I call this the ‘nose’ sound.    This sound, just like “m” and “ing”, comes out your nose. If you plug your nose while trying to say the ‘n’, it sounds funny!

Please bring the Surprise Bag to school with an “n” sound item. Suggestions: nose, noodle, nickel, necklace, numbers, nail and knitting needles. There are many more ideas, be creative!


Near/far: Give your child 4 nickels (or any small item). Have them hide 2 near “the couch” and 2 far from the couch. Go find them based on directions. Now it’s your turn to hide the nickels.         

no/yes: Ask “wh” questions, “Do you like peanut butter?”, “Do cars have           wings?”, “Do trains fly?”

never/always: This is a good way to talk about rules. Answer never or always. Swim with an adult, wear a seatbelt, run with a scissors.

Night/day: Make a list of things you can do at night and things you do during the day     

none/all: Use your ‘noggin’ to think of something fun and share it with me.

Neat/messy: Draw 2 pigs. Make a batch of pudding (or use ready made) and use as finger paint. Make one pig messy and leave one neat. Or….clean up your messy room!

new/old: Compare toys. Which ones look old, which look new? Why?


Last Night I had a Dream  Click Here

Books to check out:

The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman Click Here
What Newt Could Do for Turtle by Johnathan London
The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood
Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern

Home Connection

Make a nest (mix a batch of Rice Krispie treats. Form into small nests instead of spreading in a pan. Add jelly beans for eggs.

Make noodles for dinner

Make Nachos for lunch:  Sequence (first we put the chips on a plate.  Second we add_________, third _____  etc)

Make a noodle necklaceClick Here 

Do something NICE for a friend or family member. Click Here       Write us and tell us what you did!!!

Read, read, read with your child

Mrs. Hughes