September 19-23, 2016 Hard C

                                                                     THE HARD C     or       k-k-k-k-k-k  sound

Our concepts/vocabulary:

Cool/warm: Talk about temperature changes while in the tub.

Close/open: Close and open doors, lids, drawers, windows, your mouth!

Clean/messy: Clean the messy plates after dinner, clean your room. Spread some pudding on a plate and lick it off to get it clean (good exercise for speech articulation)

Books to check out

The book this week is Cool Cars but I am reading Who Sank the Boat?  Click Here

Little Critter Sleeps Over-Mercer Meyer

Little Cloud- Eric Carl   CLICK HERE

Caps For Sale-Esphyir Slobodkina

Corduroy—Don Freeman

Crash, Bang, Boom- Peter Spier

Curious George- H.A. Ray CLICK HERE

Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell


In the Clouds-Laurie Berkner

Clean It Up-Laurie Berkner CLICK HERE

I’m Gonna Catch You- Laurie Berkner  CLICK HERE

Drive my Car-Laurie Berkner

Blow A Kiss-Laurie Berkner

Pat A Cake

Home Connection

  • Cut with scissors- Always work with your child and scissors. Teach: Thumb UP- Open, shut, open shut
  • Make clouds after reading the Clouds book. Put a small amount (tsp) of paint in the middle of a piece of paper, fold it and press. Now open and look at the cool cloud.
  • Mix 1 cup shaving crème and ¼ cup white glue in a zip lock bag. Seal and squish together. Cut a tiny whole at the tip of the bag. Squeeze onto paper. When this dries it’s like a cloud!
  • Eat carrots.  Cook a few and then have a taste test.  Do you like cooked or raw carrots better?
  • Make cookies Measuring, mixing and cooking are all great ways to build language: There’s more flour than sugar. You can see the egg when I add it to the bowl. When I mix it with the sugar and butter, I can’t see the egg, but it’s still there! Do you think that will happen to the chocolate chips?       That’s called prediction.


Mrs. Hughes

Hard C