September 26-30, 2016 Buh

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This week we’ll look at the “Buh” sound. I call this the ‘bouncing ball’ sound. The lips do the same thing for “buh” as they do for the “puh”, one is voiceless (P), the other is voiced (B). Many of our sounds are paired like that (f and v), (t and d), (k and g), (s and z). These pairs have the same placement of lips, teeth, tongue etc, but one has voice on the other has voice off.

Concepts Vocabulary:

  • Big/little: Gather 4 toys. Look for 2 Big toys and 2 little toys. Now you hide one and give clues to your child to find it. “It’s near the piano. It’s on something soft.” Give as many or few clues that your child needs. Did she find the big or little toy? What is something she/he sees that is bigger than that toy? Now it’s his/her turn to hide the toy and give you clues. Modify and adjust according to your child’s level.
  • Back/front: Look in the mirror and look at the big teeth in the back of your mouth. The ones in the front are smaller. Talk about the back and front of clothing when you get dressed. Talk about the back and front of books when you read.
  • Begin/end: Talk about the beginning and end of the book when you read every day. Ask questions like: Did ______________happen at the beginning or the end of the book?   Give answers like, “Goldilocks ran home at the end of the book”.
  • Before/after: As you move through your day, use these words, e.g., “We eat breakfast after we get out of bed. We put our socks on before we put our shoes on”. A more advanced level would be to ask the questions, “Do we eat breakfast before we get out of bed in the morning or after? Do you put your shoe on before or after you put your sock on your foot?”
  • Bottom/Top: Use a bean bag or any toy and move it to the bottom of your foot, now the top. Try the bottom and top shelves of your bookcase. How about the bottom of the cup, and the top.


Brush Your Teeth-Raffi  CLICK HERE

Pocketful of B’s-Hap Palmer

Bumblebee-Laurie Berkner

Down By the Bay-CLICK HERE


Books to read:

The story this week is, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Here is a link to a cute rendition where the kids get up and sing and move to the chorus  CLICK HERE

Bubble, Bubble-Mercer Meyer

A Visit to the Bakery-Sandra Zeigler

Bee Bim Bop-Linda Sue Park  CLICK HERE

Brown Bear, Brown Bear-Bill Martin Jr


Activities for home:

  • Blow Bubbles                                    
  • Bake banana bread
  • Bake blueberry muffins
  • Go bowling or set up empty soda bottles and roll a ball to knock down at home
  • Play BINGO
  • Make a bird feeder: spread peanut butter or cream cheese on a bagel. Roll in bird seed. Hang from a branch
  • Read, read, read with your child

Mrs. Hughes

Always remember, every child develops at a different time and rate. If any of the activities are too difficult, modify them for your child’s developmental level.

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