September 12-16, 2016-Singing lady sound

                            Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.17.20 PM    L-l-l-l

This is what we call the “singing lady” sound. We lift the tongue to the top teeth to make a good “l” sound. This is a sound that can be developed all the way through age 6-7, so don’t worry if your child can’t make the sound yet.  Lots of kids at this age say “wettuce/lettuce, yewow/yellow and cow/call”.


Left/right– Have your child hide a small item in his/her fist (goldfish, key etc). You have to guess if it’s hidden in the right or left hand. He/she has to open the hand that you guess. If this is too difficult, put a marking on the left hand so they will “see” the left. Exchange roles, now you hide an item in your fist and your child guesses.

Long/short- Talk about long/short socks as you fold laundry. Cut long and short strings. Glue them on paper to make a cool art sculpture.

Low/high- sounds can be high and low and positions can be high and low.  Make silly sounds using a high and low voice.  If your child has been sitting for a while (watching TV, computer, iPad) have them play the high low game.  Reach high on your tip toes, then low.  Continue the game changing the pace so they go slow and then really fast.  In school, we call that a ‘brain break’.

Loud/quiet- Get a pot, a wooden spoon and a dice. Roll the dice and allow your child to drum the sound loud or quiet to match the number on the dice.

Light/dark- Make chocolate milk. Add a few drops of syrup and talk about how light the color is. Keep adding syrup and stirring. Watch the milk get darker!

Light/heavy- While carrying groceries, talk about light and heavy items (watermelon versus bread or a case of water versus a can of tomatoes. Have your child carry a heavy and a light bag of groceries.

Don’t forget to use these words as often as you can. I am just giving ideas. Use your own ideas to develop these words in your child’s vocabulary!

Books :

This week the students are reading The Little Engine That Could, I am reading Freight Train (because I like it better :-).  Click Here

Feathers For Lunch

The Listening Walk

One Lighthouse, One Moon.

The Vey Grouch Ladybug

Llama Llama books


London Bridge

I Really Love to Dance  Click Here  Be sure and dance together and have FUN!

Looby Loo

Home Connection:

Collect leaves. Talk about them. This one is bigger than that one. I found a small yellow leaf, what did you find?

Make leaf rubbings. Put a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon on top of the paper until the leaf appears.

Cut lemons and limes. Taste them and talk about sour. Make lemon and lime juice by squeezing the fruit, adding sugar, water and ice. Much sweeter now! Say things like, “what did I just do?” “What do you think we should do next? Ask them what senses they are using (taste, touch, smell, sight)

I Love, Love, Love, working with your kids. How’s that for using the “L” sound. Truly, I do enjoy their great energy and contagious smiles. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Mrs. Hughes

L-l Poem