January 23-26 /d/

We are back to the drum sound.

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Please bring the Surprise Bags with an item that begins with “d”. Suggestions: doll, dish, deer, dolphin, dollar, dots, diaper. (Try not to bring dinosaurs).

Please use the following concept words in your vocabulary this week.


Different/same:  Take 2 dinosaur toys and talk about the differences between them.  Then describe one of the dinos and have your child guess which one you described.  Have your child describe one and you guess.

Diagonal: If you have those BINGO dobbers you can make diagonal dots in a line going up and Down.

Dark/light: Turn the lights off Read a dinosaur book with a flashlight in the dark.

Deep/shallow: While taking a bath only add 2 inches of water. Get in and talk about shallow. Turn on the faucets and add water until the tub is full talking about deep.


Doodlebugs-Laurie Berkner

I Really Love to Dance-Laurie BerknerClick here

We Are The Dinosaurs-Laurie Berkner Click here


How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs?  Click Here

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen   Click Here

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything  Click Here

Activities for home:

Dig in the dirt for dinosaur bones- Make some bones out of play dough and allow to dry/harden

Make a delicious dinosaur dinner for dad– ‘Tree leaves’ salad for the herbivore dino, steak for the carnivore dino, and a dino rock (potato) for everyone!

Dance to, I Really Love to Dance, from my music list above.

Make Dinosaur fossil soap for the bathtub Click Here

Read, read, read with your child!

/d/ poem


Mrs. Hughes